Cornelia Beier is a health entrepreneur and a founder of several companies. She was one of the founders and CEO over five years of the pharmaceutical reformulation company  leon-nanodrugs. She has 25 years of experiences in pharmaceutical and biotech industries (BMS, Takeda, Pharmacia etc.) and is focused on business development strategies, marketing, consulting, human resources and controlling in life sciences and healthcare. She was a co-founder of Oncology World, Munich, and Partner and CEO of Kohtes Klewes Healthcare (today Ketchum PLEON-Group – BBDO), Munich and Düsseldorf. 


Beside these strategic and financial driven functions Cornelia is extremely curious about human potential, healthy attitudes and the deeper meaning of human patterns regarding well-being and health. As a medical journalist she is writing in her own blog about health trends and change approaches.

 Cornelia Beier

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"The future of healthcare is social, digital, personalized and „glocal“ - Cornelia Beier

Franziska Hoti

Franziska Hoti - Medical Consultant & Marketing

Franziska Hoti is an experienced medical content manager and partner in the health accelerator and consulting company CB one Holding. She is passionate in enabling people living a healthier life and taking responsibility for a healthier common world. Besides her work in the medical consulting sector, sehr is specialized in scouting new health ideas and companies with sustainable background. After three successful semesters of her interior design and product design studies in Munich, she moved to Vienna to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences. Due to the connection of design and her strong medical background she is able to develop a successful health platform.

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